What an amazing life changing experience. I came to see Victoria with self esteem/confidence self-love problems. Sometimes, I need to go deeper to the core of the problem, and with RTT therapy, that was possible. Victoria was very professional, listened and asked questions to get to know me better. Explained everything and answered every question I had.
During the session, I discovered how little moments in life brought me to the beliefs I had now. Thanks to RTT, we were able to change them.  Results l started to see straight away, and with each day of listening to the provided recording, it got better and better. My self-confidence improved; I started doing more things for myself, less procrastination and just in general feeling happy within myself and putting less pressure on myself as well, accepting myself for who I’m. It improved my life so much, and I can’t thank enough Victoria for this amazing life-changing gift.
Everyone who’s struggling with any kind of problem or addiction should use this technique to get help and improve their life. I couldn’t asked for a better therapist than Victoria.