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Growing Stronger, Together: Therapy Solutions for Children & Teenagers

Childrens Therapy – At Therapy to Freedom, I understand that a child’s world is full of discovery and learning. Yet, amidst this journey of growth, today’s children, especially teens, are more likely to encounter stress and anxiety than before. With social media,  pressures on children at school, social pressures and the Covid-19 pandemic; our children now have a lot of stuff to navigate through that they aren’t always equipped to deal with. Added to that, we as parents, don’t always deal with our own feelings that well either. Therefore kids today need some help; a fresh and empowering approach to overcoming their difficulties and one that works! 

Help for Children & Teenagers at Therapy to Freedom

My approach to therapy is rooted in understanding and transforming the core thoughts, feelings, and behaviours that contribute to the issue at hand. Through a gentle, imaginative process, we help children find their path to freedom from various challenges. Our method involves three crucial steps:

  1. Identifying the Problem: Every journey begins with understanding the unique challenges your child faces. Whether it’s anxiety, fear, or a behavioural issue, recognising the problem is the first step towards healing.

  2. Establishing New Behaviours: Through the power of subconscious therapy, we guide children towards adopting new positive beliefs about themselves, replacing the ones that have been holding them back.

  3. Making the Change Automatic: My goal is to ensure that these new behaviours become a natural part of your child’s life, leading to lasting change.

Difficulties Resolved Through Therapy: Subconscious therapy is effective in addressing many difficulties that children face, including but not limited to:

  • Stress and Anxiety
  • Low confidence and self esteem
  • Low Mood and Self-Harm
  • Phobias 
  • Anger Management
  • Bedwetting (Enuresis)
  • Nail Biting
  • Sleep Difficulties
  • Concentration Issues
  • Challenges Stemming from Divorce or Changes in the Family Dynamic
  • Exam Nerves and Performance difficulties

The sessions access the subconscious mind and this completely safe, widely used and extremely effective method helps children to effectively deal with their feelings and beliefs in the most quickest, efficient and effective method available. Most problems are resolved within one sessions, making therapy an accessible solution for busy families.

Why Choose Subconscious Therapy? Children’s innate ability to imagine and visualise makes therapy an especially effective modality for them. Through visualisation and other creative methods, we tap into this natural capacity to bring about profound, positive changes. Unlike traditional therapies, subconscious therapy for children is:

  • Fast-acting and engaging
  • Tailored to address the child’s specific difficulties, needs, and wishes of how they want to feel about their selves in future.
  • Helps them to give them increased self-esteem and confidence in their selves and their ability.
  • Helps them to achieve their goals and lead a happier life.

During the sessions, a parent or carer will be involved in the consultation process, however, during the session, I ask that they leave the room and wait nearby in another room once the child is comfortable. This is because your child will more than likely hold back their thoughts, words and emotions for not wanting to upset you and therefore the session will not be as effective. After the session, we can have a debrief together of how your child is feeling following the session and I will advise regarding listening to their recording and follow-up check-in sessions.  

A Journey of Belief Transformation  I feel it’s best in my experience to avoid using the word therapy with children so that they don’t think that there is something wrong with them. Therefore, instead, I prefer to use the words “transforming and updating their current feelings and beliefs into more helpful and positive ones”.

To learn more about how subconscious therapy can help your child overcome their difficulties and thrive, contact me today to book a free 30-minute discovery call.

Together, we can help your child embrace a life of discovery, freedom, and happiness.

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What is Rapid Transformational Therapy?

Benefits Of Rapid Transformational Therapy?

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) introduces a forward-thinking approach to children’s mental health and emotional well-being. It uniquely combines the principles of subconscious therapy with the latest insights from neuroscience to offer a comprehensive healing modality.

By weaving together the most effective techniques from therapy, psychotherapy, neurolinguistic programming (NLP), and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), RTT creates a distinctive method that speaks directly to children’s needs and challenges.

This integration facilitates a therapy that is both engaging and deeply transformative for young minds.

RTT is known for its ability to bring about swift and enduring change. It is particularly adept at uncovering and addressing the root causes of various issues that children might face, ranging from anxiety and stress to behavioural challenges and self-esteem issues.

The therapy is structured to identify effective strategies quickly, drawing on successful outcomes from sessions with real clients.

The foundation of RTT, developed by Marisa Peer, lies in its repetitive use of specific techniques designed to empower and heal.

This repetition reinforces positive messages and behaviours, leading to significant improvements in a child’s mental health and overall well-being.

  • Understanding the Root Causes: RTT helps children uncover and comprehend the underlying reasons for their issues, fostering an enlightening connection with their inner self. This understanding is crucial for healing and transformation.

  • Immediate and Long-Term Changes: RTT is remarkable for its adaptability to each child’s unique healing journey. It can prompt immediate shifts, gradual transformations through reflection, or changes that are observed over time by others. This flexibility ensures that each child receives the personalised support they need.

  • Connection with the Inner Child: Through RTT, children can connect with their inner child, addressing and fulfilling deep-seated emotional needs and affirmations. This connection is vital for healing past wounds and fostering a healthy, positive self-image.

  • Emotional Release and Healing: The therapy provides a secure environment for children to express and work through long-held emotions. This emotional release is a critical step in overcoming past traumas and moving forward with confidence and clarity.

  • Tailored Path to Personal Growth: RTT offers a customised approach to each child’s development, acknowledging their unique experiences and needs. This tailored path ensures that therapy is both effective and deeply resonant, leading to meaningful and lasting change.

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Unlock your path to freedom, personal growth, and emotional well-being by empowering your journey towards healing and self-discovery with tailored RTT therapy.
Improve your relationships with tailored therapy sessions, helping you rekindle connection, improve communication, and build a stronger foundation with your loved one.
Helping children & Teenagers overcome anxiety, social difficulties, exam nerves, sadness and fears and increase their confidence and well-being.
Helping children and teenagers with ADHD overcome anxiety, social challenges, exam stress, and fears while boosting their confidence and overall well-being.
Unlock your path to a stronger partnership, personal growth, and emotional well-being by empowering your journey towards healing and connection with tailored therapIES.
Empower your journey towards profound healing and personal growth with tailored RTT sessions designed to foster deeper connections and self-discovery.

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Childrens Therapy

Discover the world of Therapy for Children, learn how child therapies can make a difference in your child's life, or alleviate any worries about the process with our detailed commonly asked questions.

The questions and answers are crafted to provide clear, informative answers to your inquiries, helping you understand the benefits and approach of therapy for young minds. Please read my complete list of FAQs to get started.

Yes subconscious therapy is completely safe . During the session your child will feel in a very relaxed state after listening to a guided meditation and will therefore be able to concentrate more clearly and their thoughts, beliefs and feelings about their selves will come to the surface. Then, and only if they want to, they can look at these in the session and with my guidance they can figure out how these beliefs were formed, what they mean and whether they are helpful or harmful to them. I then help them to reframe and replace any unhelpful negative beliefs with positive ones, which in turn, will help them to overcome the issue they were initially struggling with.