Be Careful Of The Words You Use

Be Careful Of The Words You Use

The words we use are very powerful, and the more you say them, the more it becomes true, like a self-fulfilling prophecy. Therefore, using the words “ my depression,” “my illness,” or “my anxiety” indicates to your mind that you own it, and therefore, it becomes you and defines you.

Therefore, it is more helpful when struggling with difficulties such as depression, anxiety, or illness to use the words “ the depression”, “the illness”, or “the anxiety”, therefore indicating that it is a problem at the moment, but you don’t own it.  For example, you could say, “I am not feeling so good today because of the depression” when talking to someone. Then you can follow it with,  “I am sure I will feel much better soon”, indicating your intention to overcome your difficulties, and the more you say it, the more you should notice that you start to feel much better. It’s the same as waking up every day and telling yourself, “I feel rubbish.” Well, guess what? That’s exactly how you will feel for the rest of the day. Instead, you can say, “ I’m sure I will feel great later on after I have got up and done what I want need to do / or after I’ve had a shower”, then you are setting the intention for how you wish to feel the rest of the day.

If there is one very important and powerful piece of advice I have learned and can give you, it is to always pay attention to the words you use and tell yourself on a daily basis because whether we mean them or not, they will shape our future reality.

More importantly, one of the rules of the mind is that it cannot distinguish between whether what you say is a lie or the truth, as the mind believes whatever you tell it.

If you repeatedly tell yourself, “I’m no good and will never be good at anything”, well, guess what? That’s exactly what you will become good at nothing.

However, if you tell yourself instead, “I have amazing coping skills, and if I put my mind to it I can do anything,” then that will exactly be the case.

Remember – Your words are what you become!


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