Thank you so so much for a really wonderful RTT therapy session; I truly feel revolutionised; I feel more confident and less self-doubt when I make decisions and I am feeling extremely proud of myself for pushing out of my comfort zone. Vicky is an absolutely incredible therapist , she is caring, compassionate and an excellent listener (knowing exactly what I needed throughout) she is effortlessly able to adapt the hypnosis program so you feel at ease through each stage of the process, and she takes the time to let you really be yourself and open up at your own pace. The session was incredible and I wholeheartedly recommend her services to everyone who may have difficulties in any aspect of their life. I can honestly say I feel like my life has been transformed in such a positive way, thank you so so much again.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Vicky as an excellent RTT therapist , she really takes the time to listen and learn about you and the ways in which she can help without any judgement. Her dedicated kindness , support and care she has given to me is nothing short of incredible and I have really enjoyed the whole process. Vicky is caring and compassionate, she is fully committed to helping and being supportive throughout the course,  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Vicky to anyone considering RTT therapy.