Our son Freddie was extremely nervous when it came to exams/assessments so much so that Freddie didn’t sleep on the days running up to the assessment, up and down during the night 3/4 times per night, upset prior to school, didn’t wish to attend, failed all assessments even though throughout the term he did very well A’s and B’s.  Freddie would come out shaking physically, it was awful to see him getting so upset as it was solely pressure from himself.  I was like Freddie  when I was younger and gained help in the same form as what Vicky can offer, it worked for me and had hoped it would also work for Freddie…and it absolutely did with Vicky’s help!

After listening to the recording Freddie was much calmer, relaxed and felt in control during his assessments, a HUGE difference since the time prior to the recording. Prior to Vicky’s help Freddie would wake during the night several times panicking, upset before school and didn’t wish to attend, legs shaking, failed all assessments as a result!  Following the recording Freddie did very well in his assessments, was composed, calm, had confidence, slept, truly unbelievable like a switch had been pushed inside!

The recording was a perfect length of time, very clear, easy to transfer between devices, phones, iPad.  The key words used were Freddie’s own words, language used when explaining to Vicky how the assessments made him feel.

Freddie feels confident, calm and said the other day, “the new me is good to go” during assessment week at school, thanks to Vicky using Freddie’s language during the recording and drilling into what bothered Freddie the most, his thinking and feeling has totally changed!  I would ABSOLUTELY recommend, Vicky’s help has been invaluable to Freddie!